Is H Pylori Contagious?


H pylori also known as helicobator pylori is an infection which is the major cause of peptic ulcer disease. It is contagious but there is some disagreement among doctors on how it is spread.
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Even if you have h. pylori, it's not worth getting diagnosed unless you have symptoms. 80% of people with h. pylori never have symptoms and don't need treatment. I don't know how
H. pylori works on the acidic nature of the stomach's acid and slowly degrades the lining that protects the stomach tissue and small intestines from the low pH. As the protective
By dividing ie. asexually.
1. Make an appointment with your doctor. While there are several testing methods for detecting H. pylori, it can not be diagnosed without testing. Ad. 2. Understand why your doctor
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H. Pylori is a Helicobacter and is not contagious. It is typically found in most human stomachs. Lack of this Helicobacter has been linked to cancer.
While it is not scientifically proven that H Pylori is contagious, it is still thought to be. H Pylori is said to quickly infect those around it but no reason is known as to how. You can find more information at
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H. pylori as the main cause of stomach and duodenal ulcers, has been found in a large percentage of patients who have halitosis or bad breath. It is a bacterium ...
Black vomit is a symptom of conditions such as yellow fever, ulcer, throat cancer, H. Pylori among others. Dark vomit is likely a mixture of digested blood and ...
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