Is H2so4 a Strong Acid?


H2so4 is the chemical formula of sulfuric acid. It is a strong mineral acid with a number of uses and its historical name is Vitriol. Sulfuric acid is colourless closer to yellow liquid which is soluble in water.
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It reacts violently with water. Water soluble in all proportions; Extremely corrosive
HClO4 pka = -8 (strongest of the common mineral acids) H2SO4 pka1 = -3, pka2 = 1.99 (Wikipedia RH panel) These are oxo acids. Write out HnXOm as Om-nX(OH)2 : ClO3(OH) O3 indicates
There is none, H. 2. SO. 4. is already a strong acid. Its conjugate. base. is HSO. 4.
H2SO4 and HCl are both strong note that H2SO4 is a diprotic acid while HCl is other mole of H2SO4 will ionise in water to give 2 moles
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H2SO4 is Sulphuric acid, a strong mineral acid with the molecular formula. It is soluble in water at all concentrations. Sulphuric acid has many applications, ...
H2SO4 (aq) is a chemical formula for sulfuric acid in aquaeous solution. Sulfuric acid is a very strong acid and can cause chemical burns or blindness upon contact ...
H2SO4 is sulfuric acid. The properties of sulfuric acid make it water soluble and highly corrosive. It is generally clear to a light yellow in color. Sulfuric ...
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