Is Harry Wayne Casey Married?


Harry Wayne Casey is known for being part of the music group KC and the Sunshine Band. He is said to live in Miami Lakes. As of 2012, Harry Wayne Casey is not said to have been married or have any children.
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He never married and had no children. Last I heard he still lives in Miami Lakes.
I don't think KC ever married. The only way you might find out is by contacting him through his official website:
31 January 1951 , Hialeah, Florida, USA
Harry Wayne Casey's birth happened on January 31st 1951. That makes his current age 63 years, 9 months and 17 days old.
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There is no information on the web that he has ever been married. If he is dating someone he must prefer to keep it out of the public eye. For more information on Harry Wayne Casey, please visit this site: .
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