Is He into You or Just Being Polite?


There are no surefire ways to tell if he is into you or just being polite. However, there can be some hints including him asking for your cell phone number and friend requesting you on Facebook.
Q&A Related to "Is He into You or Just Being Polite"
1 Go through your day and see all the polite things he does for you (opening doors, saying hello when he sees you, asking how your day went. ..) Just because he opens a door for you
If you are asking an opinion, then it really doesn't matter which one it is. Opinions are just that, they are not fact. They are telling you what they want to tell you right at the
He doesn't call you back when he says he will. You find it is always you initiating the texting and calling. He won't make a commitment or a definite plan with you. He always postpones
Show him some affection and see where that takes you.
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