Is He into You or Just Being Polite?


There are no surefire ways to tell if he is into you or just being polite. However, there can be some hints including him asking for your cell phone number and friend requesting you on Facebook.
Q&A Related to "Is He into You or Just Being Polite"
1 He doesn't call you back when he says he will. You find it is always you initiating the texting and calling. 2 He won't make a commitment or a definite plan with you. 3 He always
The key thing in any relationship(and ones you want to start again) is communication so what you do is ask if you could talk to him and tell him what you are feeling/thinking and
Politeness is a cultural thing so bear in mind that I'm English, so there might be some slight variation. For me, politeness is acknowledgement. When you do something for somebody
1 Be honest with yourself. The good way to cope with the pain is to not lie to yourself like you don't care at all. Just accept the truth that you thought wrong and you got hurt but's-Just-Not-T...
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