Is horse shampoo good for human hair?


According to Mane n' Tail, horse shampoo is very beneficial to human hair. Horse shampoo is gentle enough to use on human hair and does not strip the hair of essential oils.

Horse shampoos such as Mane n' Tale are designed to provide moisture and manageability to hair. Equestrians were the first to notice that horse shampoo made horse manes and tails silky, manageable and healthy. Eventually, many equestrians started using horse shampoo to see if it would yield the same result on human hair.

In addition to making hair healthy, horse shampoo has also been used to help manage hair loss and help with hair growth.

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Today, there are several varieties of horse shampoo that are marketed for use on human hair. These shampoos claim to leave human hair soft, shiny and luxurious, like the mane of a
ive heard of that too.. and then i told my mom. she thought i was crazy haha. but i think it doess workk sorry i dont have an answer. but my cousin told me a bunch of her friends
The deal with horse shampoo is that it is heavily conditioning, thus improvi.
the same you would use on your hair if you care about it.
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