Is Hot Water Heavier Than Cold Water?


No, hot water is not heavier than cold water because when fluids are heated, they become less dense. Therefore hot water will float on cold water making it lighter than cold water.
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If you take 1kg of water just above the freezing point, and you heat it up to just below the boiling point (without letting any escape or evaporate), it will end up with a mass of
Water of a lesser temperature does not have molecules that vibrate as much as warmer water. It thus takes up less room and yet keeps the same mass and so is denser. Mixed with warmer
Hot water is lighter than cold water, hence it rises up by convection, and this principle is used in solar water heaters. I hope, the citizens use this principle to stop the use of
Water expands when heated, so cold water is denser than hot water and is
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To determine what liquids are heavier than water, density is used. Corn syrup is heavier or denser than water. Glycerin is also heavier and denser than water. ...
In equal amounts, sand would weigh more than water. This is because sand has more density that water. ...
Hot water is better to rinse dishes in than cold water. Hot water dries faster, which helps to leave glasses streak and water spot free. Hot water also helps to ...
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