Is HPV the Same as Herpes?


Although herpes and HPV are both viruses and are sexually transmitted, they are not the same. Herpes exists in two forms that cause genital herpes while HPV (human papilloma virus) cause warts.
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Warts have a LARGE variety of "types. Be they "common" warts or "genital" warts. HPV carriers (and there are different types of HPV as well) can have HPV
If you have herpes and HPV, you should take steps to protect your health and lower the risk of infection for your partner. Protect your health: Get tested for other STDs, particularly
Both Human Papilloma Virus and herpes simplex virus type 2 are linked
I contracted HSV about 4 years ago from my current boy friend. He had a cold sore (caused by oral herpes and contagious) on his mouth and gave me oral sex while he has it... we didn't
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HPV causes Genital Herpes. It is used to refer to a group of various viruses consisting of more than 100 virus types. HPV in full is Human Papilloma Virus, itself ...
An HPV test is done the same way as a pap smear. A swab is taken and tested. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that has been link to cervical cancer in women ...
Canker sores are not the same as herpes since they are ulcerations, which are caused by acute stress, trauma, and allergies or by a reaction to bacteria. Herpes ...
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