Is Hydrogen Peroxide Bad for Your Hair?


Hydrogen Peroxide is bad for the hair if it is used in large quantities. The Peroxide helps to lighten the hair.
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1. Apply hydrogen peroxide to unwashed hair. Brush your hair until there are no tangles. Use a comb to section off your hair if you are just bleaching certain parts. Hold hair sections
1. Start with. healthy hair. Don't dye or otherwise process your hair in the weeks leading up to the bleaching. Bleaching your hair will work better and cause less damage if your
Many people actually use hydrogen peroxide on their hair by pouring it or even soaking their hair in it to make it lighter in color. Of course if you soak it in 100% hydrogen peroxide
Bleach is used to lighten hair. wtf. Bleach (usually hydrogen peroxide) mixed with ammonia, will open the shaft of the
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You can highlight your hair at home using a mixture of half hydrogen peroxide and half water. Wet the sections of hair you wish to highlight with the peroxide ...
To lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide one needs to mix a 50/50 ratio of peroxide and water. Spray the mixture all over the hair and let set for fifteen to twenty ...
If you put hydrogen peroxide on your hair, it will strip the color out of your follicles and turn your tresses orange. Peroxide is not like hair bleach and will ...
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