Is Hydrogen Peroxide Bad for Your Hair?


Hydrogen Peroxide is bad for the hair if it is used in large quantities. The Peroxide helps to lighten the hair.
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1. Apply hydrogen peroxide to unwashed hair. Brush your hair until there are no tangles. Use a comb to section off your hair if you are just bleaching certain parts. Hold hair sections
Many people actually use hydrogen peroxide on their hair by pouring it or even soaking their hair in it to make it lighter in color. Of course if you soak it in 100% hydrogen peroxide
I really wouldn't recommend it, but you apply the peroxide to your hair and then apply heat. The easiest way to do it is to put it on and then go lay out in the sun.
Fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide. You can find it at any
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Bleaching your hair with hydrogen peroxide is a safe and inexpensive way to get the bright blonde color, or bring out the natural highlights in your hair. Always ...
Gargling with hydrogen peroxide is safe. Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria in a person's mouth that causes bad breath. Hydrogen peroxide is used like a mouthwash ...
You can lighten your hair using peroxide. Simply add some peroxide to a spray bottle, and saturate hair. Take hair dryer, on high heat, and dry your hair. If your ...
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