Is Infiniti an American Made Car?


Infiniti is not an American made car but Japanese. The car marque was founded in 1989 in Northern America and in the same year it was introduced in United States. Infiniti was very profitable and the demand was very high in many areas due to its quality in vehivcle build.
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They are made by They are made by Nissan. Japan. Many US employees.
1. Visit Click on the "Buy Now" button in the "Infiniti Buyers" box. 2. Use the menus on the left to choose your vehicle's model and year. All
Infiniti is the luxury line of Nisaan, the Japanese auto manufacturer. Their major
As others have mentioned, there is a strong mandate to "buy American" with government purchases. With regard to police vehicles, this was ironic, as the all-time most popular
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The infinity autos are made by Nissan motor co Ltd , Japan . The Infinity is the luxury auto division.The brand was created for the north American luxury car market ...
Infiniti is a luxury brand of the Nissan car company. Infiniti began to sell its vehicles in North American in November of 1989. Infiniti cars headquarters are ...
The Infiniti vehicle is an extension of the Nissan Motor Company, which has headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan. However, as with several car makers, they have ...
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