Is It a Federal Offense to Open Someone's Mailbox?


It is a federal offense to open someone's mailbox or to use a mailbox for anything other than posted mail. It is also a federal offense to open someone else's mail.
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It is not necessarily a federal offense to open someones mail box but it is illegal. However, if you destroy a mail box that is the property of the U.S government is a federal offense. The punishment is a jail term not exceeding 3 years and a fine of $250,000.
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It is illegal, but since it was just a note and was not meant to avoid paying postage she will probably get a letter from the Postmaster's office telling her not to do anything like
Destroying a mailbox, property of the U.S. Govt, is a federal crime,
Tampering with the U.S. mail/property is a felony offense .
There is no indication that it is illegal to put yellow pages in a mailbox, unstamped letters are though
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In the United States it is a federal crime to open the mail of someone else. The federal statute known as Obstruction of Correspondence deals with such crimes. ...
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Smashing a mailbox is a federal offense. If the mailbox is torn down maciliously and with intent a person can face several years in jail along with monetary fines ...
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