Is It a Full Moon Tonight?

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The next full moon will be Sunday, August 10 at 18:09 UT.
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As this is being written . November 8, 2009 . the moon is several days past full, so there will be no full moon tonight. In general, the full moon . whenever it occurs . rises in
The moon is very close to full. It's a waxing gibbous moon, 99% full. The full
Tonight is actually a total full moon. That is what makes the lunar eclipse so rare. Enjoy it!
New York City's full moon dinner cruise features a buffet dinner, live entertainment, and a route that showcases some of the city's most prominent landmarks, including the Empire
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To know if today's moon is a full one, check out its shape and then compare today's date to the dates when the full moon is expected in the UK
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The moon is 23.8 days old tonight. At this moment it is a waning crescent. The next full moon is March 27, 2013 at 9:30 AM. The last full moon occurred February ...
Tonight's, January 27, 2010, moon phase is the Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase will last three more days until the next Moon phase, the Full Moon. ...
There are various ways that the moon can look at night, including the crescent, half moon, gibbous, and the full moon. This, however, depends on the stage of the ...
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