Is It an Omen When a Bird Hits Your Window?


No, it is not an omen when a bird hits your window. Birds fly into windows because they do not realize that the glass is there.
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from what i understand the omen of a bird flying into a (open) window means that someone you know is close to death. this is what my older sister says and she is very educated on
1. Remove any reflective coating that may be on your windows. Since birds are attracted to the clear reflective nature of glass, glass that has a dark reflective coating has a high
it has nothing to do with what will happen. It just means a bird flew into your window. Worrying about it causes negative energy's to be around and that is not good.
1. Identify the bird and it characteristics. Look at its beak, feet and body build. For this situation you want to determine if the bird is a passerine (small to medium size perching
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It's an omen that your car will probably need body work in the future. ...
The meaning of when a bird flies to your window and doesn't hit your window this is the bird fluttering. Fluttering is when they are flying with their wings to ...
In my opinion if a bird dies after hitting your window this could mean that the bird hit the window really hard. This could also mean that the bird did not see ...
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