Is It Bad to Mop Your Floor with a Puppy in the House?


It isn't bad to mop your floor with a puppy in the house. I would isolate the puppy while the floor dries so that he doesn't lick up any of the cleaning fluid or track all over your clean floors.
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Don't mop your floor with your toddler it will get his hair all dirty and then he'll need a bath.
Deff one cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water. Eliminates odor immediately it's all I use for my floors. Also if you puppy pees on the floor soak up the pee in the pad and set
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What are the bad habits? If it's peeing and pooing...Well, I'm not 100% it will work for you, but, it did for me. I got a chihuahua that was not potty trained at all. She wouldn't
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From my experience, it is ok to mop your floor even though there is a puppy in the house, depending on what you use to mop it. You should not use any chemicals ...
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