Is It Better Exercise to Ride a Bike off Road or on Road?


In my experience, it is much tougher to ride a bike off road or mountain biking. The resistance is much harder than simply riding your bike on a road.
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Depending how big the bike is CC wise.....50 cc is 8 years old 80-110 is 12 years old and 150+ is 16 and older where you ride and if you get hurt changes everything though if your
I'd go for a single speed, after riding both I still prefer to have the ability to coast and relax a little. If you still can't make up your mind though why not get a flip flop hub
They are both great for off-road it really depends on your
Like "Jumpjamjive" said at that "atvpathfinder" site is a really good start. Another thing you can do is to go to some offroad forums and go to your regional area
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