Is It Better to Dye Clean or Dirty Hair?


If you are going to dye your hair it helps to have slightly dirty hair rather than clean hair only when you are going to be applying root to tip or on the scalp processes. Processes such as lightening the hair to platinum or pale blondes may respond better when the hair is just slightly dirty, as the oil on the scalp will offer a protection or barrier against the strong chemicals that are being used. Over the years, hair dye has become more gentle, and sometimes will not bond to the hair when it is dirty.
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1. Pour 1 tbsp. white vinegar into a small container. Dip a section of clean, white cloth into the vinegar. 2. Dab the vinegar directly onto the stain to treat it. Pour 2 cups of
Be sure your hair is relatively clean before applying. It is a
You need your hair to be dirty both for the hair itself as well as your scalp. When bleaching, having your hair dirty does not matter as much. But when dying, sometimes the dye won't
Rather ask this...How long before I can apply it? The answer is about two days. You might have accidentally scratched your scalp and it WILL burn to put a peroxide solution on that
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