Is It Better to Rinse Dishes in Hot or Cold Water?


Hot water is better to rinse dishes in than cold water. Hot water dries faster, which helps to leave glasses streak and water spot free. Hot water also helps to cut grease, which means even cleaner glasses when you're done.
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For better results you should rinse your dishes with hot water as it will help in removing grease! Ask. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 01:29PM EST.
Perhaps cold temperature reduces the activity of the pain sensors. This is also similar to drinking cold water after eating chilles vs. drinking hot water (ouch)
While cold water will rinse off the suds faster (hot water creates suds), hot water is necessary to continuing to sanitize your dishes and kill bacteria. This website indicates that
Neither. Tepid or room temperature water is generally considered the best for house plants. The following URL will take you to an article from The New York Times published in 1878
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