Is it dangerous to inhale Clorox bleach?


Inhaling Clorox bleach is dangerous and can lead to poisoning, especially if mixed with ammonia. Symptoms caused by inhaling fumes from Clorox bleach include coughing, gagging, delirium, and burns in the airway and lungs. If a person inhales Clorox bleach fumes, he must immediately be moved to fresh air.

It is best to contact the local emergency number or poison control immediately for further instructions after a person inhales bleach fumes. Depending on the severity of exposure, the person may need to go to the hospital for further treatment and testing, which may include the administration of oxygen, bronchoscopy to visualize burns in the lungs and airway, or the placement of a breathing tube.

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I think you should be calling a poison control center, now ! Source(s) RN CCU.
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Infrequent exposure to Clorox bleach fumes is not going to do anything bad to you. However, constantly inhaling bleach fumes is going to cause a lot of health ...
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