Is it dangerous to smoke tea?


Well basically it is dangerous to smoke anything as it can seriously damage your lungs unless of course your a fireplace and then you can smoke all you want.
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Smoking is dangerous for many reasons. It is the leading cause of lung cancer. It can cause heart disease, emphysema, and mouth and throat cancer. The list is long. Many fires are
Different types of tea are different in flavor&effect-experiment.One
If you are experiencing ongoing intestinal distress and peppermint tea makes you feel better, you might avoid visiting a doctor by consuming this brew. At the same time, you should
Secondhand smoke is the smoke you breathe when you are in the same room or close proximity to someone smoking. You also can get secondhand smoke from a fireplace, burning leaves or
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Different types of tea are different in flavor&effect-experiment.One ...
Some claim that they feel relaxed after smoking tea leaves. Others say that it is dangerous to your health in any way or form, no matter what the substance is ...
Smoking tea will not get you high or give you a buzz. There has been no studies of the such. You can empty the contents of a tea bag into a rolling paper and then ...
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