Is It Easier to Get Pregnant before or after Your Period?


It's easier to get pregnant right before a menstrual period for women who have regular cycles. After menstruation, a woman would have to wait for a considerable length of time for her to ovulate. They are possibly most fertile within 14 days after the last menstruation. However, since menstruation is relatively unpredictable for women who have irregular cycles, it's not important for them if coitus is performed before or after due to the unpredictability of when ovulation occurs.
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Not alot because a women has to have a period at the age of :11, 12,13 to know if in the future she is going to be pregnant.
Ovulation occurs when a mature egg is
Not medical advice: Your most fertile time is ovulation, which is usually 2 weeks after your period.
Highly, highly unlikely.unless you ovulate later than usual that month, in which case your period wouldn't be coming until later than usual so it really wouldn't be "the day
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