Is it illegal to give a cop the middle finger?


Technically, no, it is not illegal to give a cop the middle finger. Depending on the situation, however, you may be charged with disorderly conduct for the behavior.
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Not Legal Advice: It's not usually illegal to flip off a cop; but it could give the cop reason to pull you over! Signs of road rage have been known to do that!
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When someone shows u their middle finger it means eff YOU! or it means HAHAH eff YOU JK LUV YOU! if its your bffl.
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Giving someone the finger is generally not illegal. However, you could face minor charges for raising your middle finger to a police officer, or other government ...
The phrase ?giving the finger? is an obscene hand gesture used in Western culture. It also goes by several other names, such as flipping the bird, giving the middle ...
Giving the middle finger to anyone is never a nice gesture. That finger is generally called the 'bird'. It means that you are telling them off in a very rude way ...
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