Is It Illegal to Open Someone's Mail?


It is illegal to open mail that is not addressed to you without the permission of the person for whom the mail was intended. It is a federal crime and is punishable by fine or imprisonment.
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For the same reason that anything else that's illegal is illegal: lawmakers passed a law saying it was. The reasoning behind the law in this case is pretty clear: The US Postal Service
In a word, yes. In fact, tampering with mail that isn't addressed to you is a federal offense unless you have been given permission to open it.
The Privacy Act does not allow a spouse to share other spouse's
Feds won't prosecute something that petty, I know from experience. They have entirely more important stuff on their plates and caseloads that you all cannot comprehend. Not trying
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It is illegal to open mail addressed to someone else. However, this does not stop a husband from opening mail addressed to a wife and vice versa.
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Normally or legally your mail can only be opened by you, but in the case of a marriage your spouse can open your mail. If someone has opened your mail, without ...
Yes, it is illegal to open someone's mailbox. Since the postal service is a federal institution, tampering or opening someone's mailbox without their consent is ...
If someone opens your postal mail you should report it to the U.S. Post Office. You should also report it to the police. It is a federal offense to tamper with ...
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