Is it illegal to sell a used mattress?


No, it is not illegal for individuals or retail stores to sell used mattresses or mattresses containing used materials. Federal law only mandates that mattresses constructed with used stuffing be labeled.

Though some states have laws governing the labeling of used mattresses, the sanitizing process they must undergo and which parts may be recovered from old mattresses for the manufacture of new ones, many states do not. In fact, some bedding is offered for sale without labels of any kind. Thus, the responsibility falls to the consumer to become informed of state law and to purchase properly labelled mattresses from reputable sellers.

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Used mattresses are not illegal to sell, but in some places they may have strict regulations.
Used mattresses can contain a number of hygienic problems. They may be
1. Price it right. Even if you paid thousands for your mattress, you're probably not going to get more than a hundred or so if it's used. If it's free of stains, a designer brand
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