Is It Legal to Have a Pet Deer?


In most states, having pet deers or antelopes is considered illegal. Only those deers acquired before July 1, 2012 can be kept and taken cared of as pet deers. These deers are not expected to survive in the wild, thus someone to care for them as pets is necessary.
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When you see a deer in a yard, and it doesn't run away, you have a chance to pet it. I am not telling you to drive down the road until you see one, that might be too much sudden motion
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it is legal because deers reproduce very fast and there needs to be balance,so it is legal mainly because there cannot be to much deer.
1. Check with local animal control authorities before you decide to adopt or purchase a fennec fox for a pet. While fennec foxes are generally not
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I don't think it's legal to own a deer unless you work at the shelter and are nursing an injured/baby deer back to health/until it's old enough to live on it's ...
Deer prefer to eat right after sunrise and right before sunset. They are the most active during these periods. Feed your pet deer twice a day---when daylight hours ...
Deers eat different weeds, plants, grasses and seeds, which depends on the season. Feed the deer with acorns and corn for fall and winter months. For spring and ...
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