Is It Legal to Own a Monkey as a Pet?


There is no one correct regarding whether or not it is legal to own a monkey as a pet. This is because the legality of owning a monkey as a pet is regulated by each individual state's government. As such, owning a monkey may be legal in one state while it is illegal in another. Currently, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Minnesota are the most recent states to make owning a monkey as a pet.
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1. Contact your local Wildlife and Fisheries department to get a list of rules and restrictions on monkey ownership. Monkeys are considered wild animals, and so are highly regulated
Yes, you can own a monkey in Kentucky, but make sure to take
In the uk you can keep one if you have a 'Dangerous Wild Animal Licence'.… here are the species on there list. "New-world monkeys
There are no monkeys legal in California.
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These are only the states that have no regulations, or have a state permit system in operation for you to have a monkey as a pet. These would include, Alabama, ...
In most states, it is not legal to have a monkey as a pet. You need to check your local laws first. Then, you will need to find a breeder in your area. Ask your ...
It is not legal to own a pet monkey in Pennsylvania. This is one of the states among others like Rhode Island, Utah, New Jersey and New Mexico where this ownership ...
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