Is it legal to own a monkey in Pennsylvania?


According to PawNation, Pennsylvania has laws in place that ban the private possession of non-human primates, meaning that it is illegal to own a monkey in the state of Pennsylvania. Monkeys are unique and exciting, but they can also be dangerous and are not suitable as pets.

Many people think that monkeys make cool and unique pets, but owning a monkey comes with a number of issues and concerns. Primarily, monkeys can transmit a wide range of diseases to humans and require regular testing to ensure they are healthy. On top of this, monkeys are exotic, undomesticated creatures, and they often struggle in captivity, especially as pets. In nearly every case, it's better for a monkey to live in the wild than in captivity.

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The best place to start is with your state's Game and Fish Department and their list of allowable animals in your state. Contact them by phone or visit their offices in person or
You should phone the humane society in Pennsylvania, or look up a website.
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Don't kid yourself, you don't want a monkey! Don't be ignorant. Watch documentaries about people with exotic animals! Trust me, you do not want an animal that is going to hurt you
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