Is It Legal to Pass a School Bus?


As long as the roadway is marked to allow passing, it is legal to pass the school bus if the red lights are not flashing and the stop sign is not out. Laws may differ for different states, so check with your local government to find out what the law is in your state. It may be difficult to perform a safe pass if the bus is stopping frequently. It might be easier, and safer, to adjust the departure time for work by five minutes to avoid being behind the bus.

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Passing a school bus is against the law and you can get a
1. Locate and contact a lawyer who specializes in fighting school bus tickets. Tell him that you would like to contest the school bus ticket. 2. Schedule an appointment with the lawyer
Here it is: 27-51-1004.Passing when stopped prohibited. (a)When a school bus vehicle stops and displays its alternating red warning lights for the purpose of loading or unloading
Not legal advice: $250 fine first time, $500-$1000 2nd, $1000-2000 3rd. Can lose license after second.
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Whether or not it's illegal to pass a school bus would depend on the jurisdiction you live in. In Massachusetts you may not pass a stopped school bus that is ...
In what state? ...
That's an item that you'll have to Bing. Each state has different school bus violations - check your state codes. ...
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