Is It Legal to Suspend an Employee without Pay?


Unpaid suspension is when an employee is forced to temporarily leave work without remuneration. In most cases an employee will be paid on suspension but there are cases where an employer can be suspended without pay.These include serious offenses such as sexual harassments at work places and other violations of work conduct. In this case an employee will be asked to stay away from work while investigations are done and the decision to either come back to work depends on the outcome of the investigations.
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1. Recognize accomplishments or good work publicly. Having their hard work recognized not only by management but also by the rest of the organization is an effective method for motivating
Deductions from the pay of an exempt employee may be made for suspensions of one or more full days imposed in good faith for disciplinary reasons for infractions of workplace conduct
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Employers can suspend employees without limit. Employers alone schedule workers.
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