Is It Normal for My Heart to Skip a Beat?


It is, in fact, perfectly normal for the heart to flutter or skip a beat. If a person gets overly excited, the heart may skip a beat. The heart will easily fall back into its normal rhythm. We take for granted how well our hearts work without our knowledge of it.
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The skipping of beats you have is in a pattern, so you are fine. If your heart beat was like this: 11110111110110100101011111111101110110…. Then I would see a doctor. The thing
Stressed out.
According to the Mayo Clinic, heart palpitations are feelings of fast heartbeats, skipped heartbeats, heavy heartbeats or a fluttering feeling. They are normally not harmful, as your
The occasional skip or extra beat is often caused by emotions or ex...
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It is actually very normal for the heart to skip a beat. This is commonly caused by sneezing, but also people suffering from heart arrhythmia's can frequently have this experience. It is advisable that if your heart is frequently skipping you should visit a doctor for proper diagnosis.
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