Is It Normal for My New Tattoo to Look Faded?


It is normal for your new tattoo to look faded. The healing process including the peeling can make the tattoo look faded because of dry skin. Keep the tattoo lubricated and covered as instructed. You can go back and have them retouch it when it is healed.
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One of a few possible things. One; the artist did not go as deep as he or she should have, and as a result, a good deal of the ink fell out during the healing and you will simply
Scabbing can cause your tattoo to look faded. Do not pick at it
It is possible that your body didn't hold the ink well, and you would need a touch up (this is common) and then do excellent aftercare all over again. It is possible that you didn't
You should be able to post a picture on here. Go back to the tattoo artist and show them how it is now and that you are not happy with it now that the scabs have come off. Hopefully
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Tattoos normally fade for various reasons. One reason is due to exposure in the sun. They may also fade due to improper application of the ink by the tattoo artist ...
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