Is It Normal to Feel Your Heart Beat in Your Stomach?


Yes. This is especially more common in thinner people to feel the heartbeat in the stomach and sometimes even see it pulsate. If the patient is older, this could be a sign of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, so it is worth getting it checked out by a medical professional if concerned.
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Normal heartbeat is not a certain range as it depends on ones age as well as how active they are. Take for example an adult person could have a heartbeat of 72 beats per minute where
Depends on your age.
The sinking feeling, or perhaps more accurately, the rising stomach feeling happens when the airplane moves and your gut presses against the walls. This mostly happens right after
it is just your pulse. yes its normal. lol
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It is normal to feel a pulse in the stomach. It is from the abdominal aorta. It is more commonly seen and felt in thin people. If there is pain or tenderness in ...
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