Is It Normal to Feel Your Pulse in Your Stomach?


It is normal to feel a pulse in the stomach. It is from the abdominal aorta. It is more commonly seen and felt in thin people. If there is pain or tenderness in the area, then the doctor should be seen as soon as possible as it could be one of a number of medical conditions such as an aneurysm.
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You can take your own pulse. With your palm up, place two fingers from your opposite hand on your wrist on the thumb side. Count the numbers of heart beats for 10 seconds. Then, multiply
I'ts called your Abdominal Aorta , its a major artery that
the femoral artery is huge and passes through your thigh, hence the pulse you feel.
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Very thin individuals may be able to note a slight pulsation beneath the stomach when lying down in a relaxed position. This pulsation is caused by the abdominal aorta, the continuation of the aorta from the heart.
Feeling your pulse in your stomach is normal. The body has many veins and arteries that run in various pathways which may be felt from time to time. Typically the pulse won't be felt in your stomach unless you are actively searching for it or occasionally after an intense exercise.
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