Is It Ok to Staple a Resume?


Actually a resume should only be 1 page long. You should not have two pages worth of information on your resume because stapling papers together does not look professional so you should try to shorten your resume.
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No, it is not okay to staple a resume. A resume should not be stapled, folded or paper clipped. You should keep your resume pages separate in a flat envelope.
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Languages, operating systems and other technology are staples, but you should also include descriptions of the projects you've worked on in context. A lot of people might have relevant
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Commonly most professional documents are stapled in the upper left corner but there is no written rule I am aware of stating the location of a image placement. I'd probably indent
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A resume should be stapled. Although, you may also use a nice folder or paper clip. It will still depend on your preference. Just make sure that your papers will ...
Staple your resume to your headshot with the head and the rest back to back. The resume size should be cut down to match the photo size. ...
When preparing a resume, it is a good idea to keep it simple and not too busy. Usually one page is good but if you must make it two pages then make sure that ...
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