Is it "pop a squat" or "cop a squat"?


Both "pop a squat" and "cop a squat" are popular, but "pop a squat" is more common. The origins of the phrases are unknown, and both are relatively recent idioms. As with most idioms, the original intention of the phrase is not viewed as important.

Neither "pop a squat" nor "cop a squat" make much sense from a purely logical point of view. "Cop" generally means take, and "pop" is rarely used as a verb when referring to humans. Nevertheless, both phrases are well understood in the United States, and both relay the same instruction, which is to sit. Some believe that "pop a squat" refers to a weightlifting exercise, but there is no available data to support this notion.

Q&A Related to "Is it "pop a squat" or "cop a squat"?"
I see both used. Both pop a squat and cop a squat. Cop a
Pop a squat means to defecate, to go to the bathroom or to sit down.
I have the same situation with my knees. Are you talking about when you are at your maximum squatting depth and the top of your fibula kinda pops and moves on the outside of your
"Pop a squat" is a rude, but common term simply meaning to sit down. It was originally used as a camping term meaning to "squat down and go the bathroom. This is because
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