Is It Possible to Be Pregnant and Still See a Negative Pregnancy Test Result?


Yes, it is possible to be pregnant and still see a negative pregnancy test result. If you test too early your hcg levels will not be high enough to register on the pregnancy test.
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Some women have been known to never get a
It might just be cause your period is comming anytime soon. Or mabey ur hormones are too low to detect so if you don't get your period in a couple of a days test again if it's still
This is a commonly asked question as it happens quite often. You think you have missed a period, or you keep getting what feels like premenstrual cramps but with no period, so you
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Getting pregnant while on your period is not likely but it can happen. The pregnancy test might say negative due to the HCG levels in the women's body. Waiting ...
It is very unlikely to never have a positive pregnancy test and still be pregnant. Many times you will have a false negative if you test to early. If you believe ...
When negative pregnancy result was shown in a home pregnancy kit, then there is a possibility that there is a manufacture defect and may show inaccurate results. ...
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