Is It Proper to Send a Card on the Anniversary of a Death?


In my opinion, no, it is not proper to send a card on the anniversary of a death unless you are extremely close to the person and want to send a 'thinking of you' card. I think a phone call would be more appropriate.
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1. It will take only a few moments to send your spouse an electronic anniversary card. Visit the main Hallmark website. In the gray "Quick Finder" box, select that you are
We remember your loss a year ago. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. I like the opening sentence above. Many people feel (not just on the anniversary of
It is best to send a "thank you" note w/in
Dear Jean, As the minister/rabbi/judge said,'till death do you part'. There really is no anniversary to celebrate and it would be unkind to pretend otherwise. The person who is
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