Is it safe to eat chicken that has freezer burn?


It is completely safe to eat chicken that has freezer burn. However, it is possible for freezer burn to affect the appearance, taste or texture of the meat. If only a small amount of the chicken has freezer burn, consider cutting off that portion before it is prepared and served.

Freezer burn occurs when the water in the frozen chicken forms ice crystals. The meat itself becomes dehydrated, and freezer burn appears where the chicken has lost all of its water molecules.

Proper storage techniques prevent freezer burn. Double-wrap and tightly seal the chicken in an airtight container, and do not store it for an extended period of time. Do not allow the freezer temperature to fluctuate, and do not leave open the freezer door.

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A freezer-burned chicken will have skin that looks and appears dry, shriveled or discolored.
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