Is it safe to eat raw peanuts?


Anyone who does not have a peanut allergy may eat raw peanuts safely. The peanuts should be inspected before they are eaten, according to the San Francisco Gate.

When inspecting raw unshelled peanuts, the shells should be clean and unbroken and should not procure a rattling sound when shaken. The San Francisco Gate points out that peanuts with an unusual odor should be avoided. Raw peanuts have a shorter shelf life than peanuts that have been shelled and processed. Peanuts have large amounts of certain vitamins and minerals including niacin, folate and vitamin E. They have negligible amounts of sodium and cholesterol and provide a favorable ratio of protein to carbohydrates.

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1. Shell your peanuts by cracking open the shell to release the peanut bean. Because the peanut shell is so soft, you don't need a nut cracker unless you just want to use one. It
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Are Raw Peanuts Safe to Eat?
While many peanuts available as snacks are roasted, peanuts can be consumed raw, although there are extra precautions that need to be taken to safely store raw peanuts for consumption.... More »
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