Is It Safe to Eat Raw Shrimp?


While the general rule is to not eat raw meat, some people do choose to eat raw shrimp and fish as sushi dishes. While the food itself is not so much a risk, raw shrimp and other meats are more likely than cooked food to be contaminated. It is not safe to eat raw shrimp when pregnant.
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1. Obtain Amaebi, a sashimi breed of shrimp, from a local fish market or other specialty grocer. Slice the underside of the shrimp from the head down to the fanned part of the tail.
3 to 5 days if kept in the refrigerator.
The risk of eating raw shrimp is, along with other raw foods, that you can
It all depends on how you prepare it. But all in all its very safe to eat and also delicious.
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