Is It Safe to Give a Dog Robitussin for a Cough and Cold?


Yes, it is safe to give a dog Robitussin Cough to and Cold, but you have to be careful of the dosage. You should only give 1 teaspoon fore every 20 pounds of body weight. This works wonders for dogs who are suffering from kennel cough.
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Dogs and cats have the same cold symptoms as humans. Symptoms can include coughing, wheezing, sneezing and runny nose, eyes or mouth. Canine and feline colds are caused by viral,
He probably has allergies. Get some children's Benadryl. How much you give him would depend on his weight. A teaspoon or a little less for a small dog. More if a bigger dog. It won't
Not Medical Advice: You can give children's cold medicine as long as the type & dosage are approved by your vet.
I would never take the risk of giving my dogs anything, without asking my veterinarian first. What you think may be a cold, may be something totally different. Giving it something
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