Is it safe to give cats penicillin?


According to PetMD, penicillin is a safe antibiotic for cats. It's typically given before operations, but it's also used to treat dental and skin abscesses. Penicillin comes in capsule, liquid and injectable forms.

PetMD indicates that, if given by mouth, penicillin is most effective when the dose is administered one hour before mealtime or two hours after feeding. However, if the drug causes stomach upset, it should be administered with food. Because stomach acid neutralizes penicillin, an injection is often a better choice. It's placed directly into muscle, not the bloodstream. Side effects include nausea, diarrhea, appetite loss, fever, rash and joint pain. Occasionally, a cat has an allergic reaction that causes breathing problems or shock.

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1. Get pill in hand, or put on edge of pill popper or pen. 2. Scruff cat on back of neck.they are used to this from their mothers. Open mouth of cat by manipulating jaw. 3. Drop pill
You don't want to give your cat penicillin. If the cat has a puncture wound, it will become or already has become an abscess. That is where the wound does not heal properly from the
The best place? At the vets. You should not have been able to buy penicillin without a prescription and a vets advice. Its not something you self administer.
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