Is It Safe to Go into Labor at 36 Weeks?


Babies are required to stay inside the womb for 40 weeks. 36 weeks is the mystic number greatest doctors would want you to get to if you were menacing a preterm birth. If labor energies well at 36 weeks that is to say, good tone, baby cries after birth, blood pressure's normal, oxygen levels are normal then baby will be safe and healthy.
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Sex. Ejaculate is a known cervix-softener, as it contains high amounts of testosterone. Also, orgasm can cause uterine contractions. Include nipple stimultation, and you're good to
Once a woman reaches 37 weeks, she is
My child was a week late. I tried everything reasonably safe. Exercise, long walks, spicy food, etc. Nothing worked until I got my husband to ignore my stomach and have sex. 8 hours
Not medical advice: Most women go into labor between their 37th week of pregnancy and their 42nd week. Walking and sex can sometimes induce labor.
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