Is It Safe to Take Birth Control While You Think You Might Be Pregnant?


From my experience, it is not safe to take birth control while you think you might be pregnant. Birth control pills can harm your unborn child. It is best to wait until you can determine for sure if you are pregnant, and then continue the pills only if you are not.
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continue taking the pills. You should still have a period, if you miss it, then take a test.
Take a pregnancy test no sooner than 10 days after sex.
Please call your doctor for advice, he may want to take some tests, even if its just to determine if you are in fact pregnant. . Trekincat. 30 months ago.
Relax, but stop taking the pills if you suspect you are pregnant. It will most likely not effect the baby's development. One of my best friends was on the pill when she concieved
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Yes, you should not really be taking any medications while pregnant. The chemicals are no good for the unborn baby. Always consult with your doctor before taking ...
If you are on birth control pills, and think you might be pregnant, you should first get off of birth control. Once you stop taking the birth control, wait two ...
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