Is It True That Justin Bieber Is Gay?


Even though many say and hope that Justin Bieber is gay, he is not. He even just got married to his girlfriend Selena. They tied the know during a weekend getaway trip to the Caribbean.
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Justin Bieber is straight.
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First of all he is not gay! Second; if he was it would be because he was born that way. You don't turn gay or choose to be gay. First answer by ID3477673898. Last edit by 15jakubes.
Justin Bieber is not gay. He has publicly dated several girls. His voice is still sort of
Justin Bieber is not gay. Just because hes has a high singing voice that doesn't mean hes gay. Justin Bieber has a normal 17 year old straight male voice. There are some singers that
haha very funny dude. heres a better question why do idiots on Y/A attack you if you question the government
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Justin Bieber has never said he is bi. There is no reason to believe he's not straight, because he has only dated girls. He is currently dating actress and singer ...
Justin Bieber claims that he is currently single. He has not confirmed that he is in a relationship with Jasmine Villegas. The two were caught by the paparazzi ...
Justin Bieber admits to making out with a few girls in his short life. There are no news reports that he made out with a girl at his concert though. He was caught ...
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