Is It True When You Cant Sleep Your Awake in Someone Else Dream?


The only way to prove something like this is to track down that one person whose dream you may be awake in. In knowing and remembering that not all people that dream about me are people I want dreaming about me, I try to avoid knowing things like this. I think something like this is more of a legend than truth because I have never heard of anyone proving it so. Something is only true and exists if it can be proven by facts.
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No; there are many possible reasons it might be difficult to fall asleep, but no one else's dreams have any influence on you. Coffee and other caffeine drinks, such as "energy't_sleep_are...
i hope so xD.
There are men, women, and children from around the world that awaken to the presence of nonhuman beings and transient anomalies in their homes. These “ghostly” intruders
No it means something is bugging u. That's a myth.
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