Is It Wrong to Have a Crush on Your Cousin?


It is not wrong to have a crush on your cousin. It is however wrong to act upon it. It could cause trouble and discomfort within the family and is not generally accepted with society.
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you won't until you ignore him, you want to do him more than anything but if you try and go long term with this guy he'll break your heart and then mister nice guy who has yet to
to cousin flirting crush. Your cousin would flirt with your crush because: 1. your cousin likes your crush. 2. your cousin really doesn't like you. 3. he/she doesn't know that that's
1 Let's face it: Breakups and Rejection from a crush are about as much fun as food poisoning. But there's one thing that never changes about life. It happens to everyone. You are
Half the states in America have banned cousin marriage, but there's no good
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