Is Jim Cramer married?


Yes, Jim Cramer is married. His wife's nae is Karen Backfisch-Olufsen. This couple have been married since 1985 and they have had two children together.
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Jim Cramer was born on February 10, 1955.'s_bir...
Matt Kelmon ‏@MattKelmon: what is your take on Jim Cramer? Genius investor or mostly got lucky, ie right place right time? #PT Barnum. Answer: I have one rule: I never say anything
1. Read Jim's books, "Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World" and "Mad Money, Watch TV, Get Rich. This is as important as watching his TV show or reading recaps
Former hedge fund manager, columnist and author as well as host of CNBC's "Mad Money" and CBS radio's "Real Money". Cramer's claim to fame is his bombastic and
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