Is John Cena dead?


As of May 2014, John Cena is not dead. Reports of his death due to a car accident in September 2012 were the result of a celebrity Internet hoax. There were also false rumors of his death from a wrestling injury in August of that same year.

John Cena began his professional wrestling career with Ultimate Pro Wrestling in 1999. Later, he signed on with the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF, which eventually changed its name to the WWE. Cena has also acted in numerous television shows and several movies, and he released a rap album called "You Can't See Me" in 2005.

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The latest rumors surrounding the WWE star John Cena have niether been confirmed or denied by
1. Make sure your opponent is properly worn down and weakened from the match and is now lying face down in the ring. Cena's "FU" slam (carrying your opponent on your shoulders
1 Get into rap music . Outside of wrestling, Cena records and creates his own music and rap albums , for example, his current WWE theme song "The Time Is Now". Cena also
To answer this we would need to have access to his finances, which we don't have. So it's almost impossible to answer this question accurately. We can make guesses, though. He reportedly
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John Cena is alive.
John Cena has been a dominant figure in the professional wrestling business of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since the mid-2000s, an 11-time WWE champion known for his clean-cut meets hip-hop persona. He grew up in Massachusetts and played football... More>> · More images »
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