Is John Mahoney Married?


John Mahoney is not married. Mahoney is an English American actor born on 20th of June, 1940. He is currently continuing with his acting career.
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John Mahoney, best known from his role on Frazier, has not publicly stated his sexual orientation, though there are many rumours and speculation.
Actor John Mahoney is most recently famous for playing Martin Crane, Frasier Crane's father
because some people are single for longer than others. There is nothing wrong with not being married. You can be single and happy, you know. beats being married and miserable
20 June 1940 , Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
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To my knowledge John Mahoney the actor is not married. He has never been married. He is openly but quietly gay but has not mentioned any serious relationships.
I have found information on your question, on is John Mahoney married. After reading his biography, I would have to say no. It does not mention marriage or kids.
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