Is Justin Bieber Gay?


Canadian teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has been in the spotlight since he was discovered on YouTube in 2008 and rocketed to super-stardom. Bieber's fans and foes alike want to know everything there is about the singer, especially all about his personal life. The pop star has been rumored to be romantically linked with men and women, however, Bieber's only confirmed relationships have been with women. Although rumors have circulated speculating on the young star's sexual orientation, Bieber himself has never commented on the subject. In February 2011, Bieber confirmed months of speculation that he had been dating pop singer and actress Selena Gomez, when the pair attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party together.

As for Bieber's own opinions on sexual orientation, he stated in an interview with Rolling Stone that sexuality was 'everyone's own decision'. He has also contributed to the It Gets Better Project, an LGBT suicide prevention organization.
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First of all he is not gay! Second; if he was it would be because he was born that way. You don't turn gay or choose to be gay. First answer by ID3477673898. Last edit by 15jakubes.
There is no indication that Justin Bieber is gay. He has been linked to
He has his own perfume and nail polish range, his favourite colour is purple, and in some of his songs he sounds very feminine. I don't think he's gay, but I did before. And I'm not
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Justin Bieber is straight. · More images »
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