Is Kathy Lee Gifford divorced from Frank Gifford?


As of March 2014, Kathy Lee Gifford is still married to her husband, Frank. They were married October 18, 1986. Kathy Lee divorced her first husband, Paul Johnson, in 1982 after six years of marriage.

Kathy Lee met Frank Gifford on the set of ABC's morning show "Good Morning America," where she worked as a reporter and substitute anchor. In 1997, their marriage came under public scrutiny when a tabloid, "The Globe," published pictures of the married Gifford in a hotel room with a flight attendant. Later, information surfaced indicating that the flight attendant had been paid by the tabloid to set up the compromising situation.

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Frank Gifford born 16th August 1930 is 78 years-old. Kathie Lee Gifford born
Following her divorce from Johnson in 1983, Gifford met sports commentator Frank Gifford during an episode of ABC's Good Morning America; the couple married in 1986. Coincidentally,
Kathie Lee Gifford is 57 years old & her husband Frank is 80 years old. They have 2 kids together.
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